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Woman Smiling While Holding Her GlassesToday’s vision consumers have choices. These choices are forcing both optometric and ophthalmic private practices to determine how to deliver “best corrected vision” in their clinics.

Care Access Vision’s commitment to:

  • The patient experience promoting quality of Vision, life and care applies to your optical
  • Delivering a service with minimal to no disruption of your clinical flow
  • Promoting services with minimal to no outlay of upfront capital
  • Achieving a greater level of operating income contribution

All are achieved within our Optical Access services.

Through a relationship with Medical Eyeglass Center, Care Access Vision is proud to deliver the analytics and assessments necessary to help Ophthalmic and Optometric groups alike define the role of their dispensaries within their offices and how to best “Optimize the Patient Experience while creating a more sustainable financial growth strategy.”

It begins with MEC’s proprietary Optical Benchmark Analysis (OBA):

The Optical Benchmark Analysis serves as the tool by which we comprehensively analyze and review key performance indicators of your optical which are needed to determine the roadmap to improves optical performance. It allows MEC to:

  • Benchmark your performance against current ophthalmic &optometric industry trends
  • Highlight potential gaps in patient services that impacts shifts in optical performance
  • Gauge the positioning of your optical as pure retail or a true provider of vision solutions
  • Educate providers on the impact both positive and negative of the optical performance

In certain instances, MEC will also recommend a Patient Services Gap Assessment. This next level type of engagement positions a MEC team member onsite at your practice allowing our eye care business professionals to observe the patient communication pathway in your clinic. Patient speak is often very different from the routine conversations occurring in the lane between your practice staff and doctors. The result of staying with several patients over time, we compare “Patient speak” to “Clinical work up language” and determine if there are gaps or areas of patient care not being addressed during patient encounters.

By marrying the objective data from the Optical Benchmark Analysis with the subjective elements of the Patient Services Gap Assessment, MEC creates a very real picture of how to align clinical objectives with optical goals in achieving Best Corrected Vision.

There is NO charge for the OBA when MEC is permitted to present its results and recommendations to the leadership of the practice.
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Who is Medical Eyeglass Center?

Founded in 1978, Medical Eyeglass Center is the most tenured optical dispensary development and management organization in the eye care industry today. Nationally recognized for its true understanding of the patient experience and how to impact the development of their client’s optical dispensary, MEC continues to deliver on promoting Best Corrected Vision, Greatest Patient Experience and ensuring the optical is an integrated component of the patients “Diagnostic to Treatment Pathway”.

MEC delivers on its commitment of:

  • Prioritizing patient satisfaction with a quality experience and visual outcomes
  • Consistently promoting exceptional care to every patient every day
  • Using a treatment mindset that aligns a diagnosis with an optical treatment plan
  • Ensuring a well-trained clinical optician that ensures a lifestyle patient solution
  • Using objective and subjective data to continually refine and optimize your optical
  • Delivering a purposeful plan resulting in satisfied patients and a profitable dispensary

What role does MEC have when working with our practice?

It is your optical and your patients! The relationship with MEC enables our team to work for and with you in delivering on our value proposition. When working with MEC you will have a clear effective plan, as well as a team of industry experts to implement, monitor and adjust your plan as needed. The unique “treatment mindset” approach will integrate seamlessly into your patient dynamic resulting in a greater likelihood of achieving the goals established for a successful patient experience and practice revenue generation.

Our team is your team. The opticians in your practice are as much a member of your staff as they are today. The shift is with MEC’s ongoing training and development. The opticians will adopt a more clinical focus on promoting a lifestyle eyewear solution that is aligned with your clinical diagnosis and how the patient uses their vision routinely in their day to day activities.

How much does it cost to work with Medical Eyeglass Center?

There is NO COST to engaging the service of MEC.

MEC’s relationship with their clients takes on the role of an optical dispensary development and management resource. MEC takes on the financial responsibility associated with:

  • Optical Staffing both current and any future needs as a result of improved performance
  • All lab, frame, contact lens and select eyewear products that support the patient optical experience
  • Certain miscellaneous expenses normally paid for by the practice but optically aligned such as optical office supplies.

At no additional cost to the practice, MEC will also provide a Point of Sale system nationally known and modified to support the execution of the MEC plan.
To ensure compliance with associated healthcare guidelines, the practice will retain responsibility for rent-utilities and merchant fees that reflects a true ownership and financial commitment to their optical business.

All net collections are received and owned by the practice. It is your optical. A % of optical collections will be retained by the practice based upon MEC Profit Retention schedule developed from your OBA. Our clients will always realize a greater % of profit working with Medical Eyeglass Center then self-managing the optical.
Every two weeks, MEC will invoice the practice for the % of dollars agreed upon that are used to support the ongoing management and development of your optical dispensary.

Woman Using Her Laptop Computer on the Ground

Are there other resources available to the practice and optical?

MEC leverages its national industry relationships as well as its own resources to promote an environment of continual learning for the optician team as well as your clinical team thus ensuring the best patient experience and visual outcomes.

Additionally, if other clinical services are identified as a possible patient service line expansion such as dry eye, MEC and the team from Care Access Vision suggests a pathway to achieving those service line and resources needed to execute. In some instances, MEC can integrate cash-based product services into the “treatment mindset” as it can impact the quality or Best Corrected Vision objective for your patients.

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